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We’re here to help you. If you want to get your MacBook Repair then do make an appointment with us. Ensure that you know your Apple Id and password.

    Top Rated MacBook Repair Service In Long Beach

    For older Macs, the hardware services may not be available. So, for this issue contact your local provider to know about available service options.

    If you have warranty, AppleCare+, or Consumer Law then you will cost no charge for your MacBook Repair. Apple Limited Warranty does not support the damage caused by the accidents, presence of hazardous materials and unauthorized modifications. For these kinds of damages, you’ll pay out-of-warranty fees. The cost depends on the type of repair and damage.

    Cost Of Repair
    If you don’t have any warranty or AppleCare+, then you have to pay whatever cost it’s estimated.
    Screen or external closure
    (with Apple Care+)
    Other Damage
    (with AppleCare)

    At Laptop Repair Long Beach we have the best technicians who have done Apple training. They deliver you high quality service. Experts use genuine Apple parts which are performed by Apple-certified Repairs. Be sure that you backup your data and enable File Vault as maybe your Mac needs to be reformatted during the repair. We are not responsible for the lost data.
    We assure you that we’ll provide the best of our services. We guarantee our service.

    Apple Limited Warranty and Proof of Purchase

    Your MacBook is covered by the Apple Limited Warranty service. Additionally it also covers the accessories that come along with the MacBook. It also covers if and any manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase.

    The Apple Limited Warranty is included in the rights provided by consumer law.

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    Check If They Are Covered By Apple Authorized Service

    Make sure that the provider is an independent Repair Provider. They can also be an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Some independent repair providers get access to Apple genuine parts and repair.

    Independent Repair Providers have access to Apple genuine parts and repair resources. Independent Repair Providers do not provide repairs covered by Apple’s warranty or AppleCare plans.

    Kinds of Repair Work

    Firstly the customer gets a detailed explanation of the problem after it has been detected. If the problem is not covered by warranty and the customer is unable to bear the cost of the repair, then the Mac is returned to the user along with the letter carrying the information of the faulty parts.

    Coverage Plans

    According to the Apple Care Product Coverage plans, in case the Macbook again shows malware within ninety days, then the parts will be replaced or further service will be provided free of charge.

    Software restoration policies

    If the operating system is restored or the Motherboard gets fixed, then the service itself will update the latest version of Mac OS. However, if the particular version of Mac OS is not available, then, in that case, a fresh and latest version will be installed on your Macbook.

    As per Apple norms, the Company does not take any responsibility in case of compromise of the personal data or loss of documents.

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