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Laptop Repair Long Beach is a professional mobile computer repair service company specializing in Microsoft and Apple platform computers.

Where are we located?

Visit us in Midtown Manhattan near Penn Station. We serve all the five boroughs. Laptop Repair Long beach is committed to specialize in repairing computers, iPhone repair and even data recovery.

We have 18 years of experience. We have been chosen by thousands of people to service their computer or laptop. We boast the expertise of professionally trained technicians who have over 25 years of experience.

We prioritize the time and convenience of our customers. We understand the importance of fast service. Our prime location is convenient too. It can be accessed through all major subway lines. We offer free estimates on all kinds of repair jobs. We will start your repair job only when you agree to the full cost of the price.

Why Choose Laptop Repair Long beach?

Choosing Laptop Repair Long beach means you are choosing an authentic service that promises to repair your device with the best results.

Firstly, we offer the best price when it comes to computer or laptop repair companies. Get the best price especially with our free estimates on all repair jobs.

Secondly, our reputation speaks for us. Past customers have trusted us and left positive feedback. Thirdly, our reputation is backed by third party backers like the BBB and Tech Insurance. We have been voted the Best of Yelp in New York!

Fourthly, we provide speedy services. Most repair work gets done within 24 to 48 hours. Same-day service is also available!

We can do it all! Avail of our helpful and valuable services today! See our reviews on Google and Yelp and be sure for yourself! If you want your laptop fixed, trust the Laptop Repair Long beach.

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